Helping neurologists to improve epilepsy diagnosis in Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals

Lloyd Bettell-HigginsCase Study


Peterborough and Stamford NHS Trust is encouraging the families of children with epilepsy to upload videos of their seizures to Patients Know Best to help with diagnosis.

Dr Richard Brown, consultant paediatrician at the trust, said the system was having a significant impact on patient care as it makes it easier for families to share video footage, which is “crucial to a large portion of epilepsy diagnosis.”

Brown said: “It’s improved our ability to discriminate between epilepsy and non-epilepsy. And where it is epilepsy, it’s improved our ability to treat it.”

The ability to upload videos is just one aspect of its record, and it was an idea of the trust’s IT team to use the tool to support epilepsy diagnosis. So far 70 neurology patients have signed up to the system and clinicians have seen approximately 60 videos.

​By using Patients Know Best, Brown says families now have a secure system to upload videos that doctors can then view, provided the patient has granted them access to their record.