Improving quality of life and reducing unplanned admissions

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Improving quality of life and reducing unplanned admissions


Emergency care saves lives but preventing the need for emergency care saves even more lives. This is why PKB is teaming up with ‘The Symphony Complex Care Hub’ at South Somerset NHS Trust to help support patients to better manage their long term conditions and lower the level of unplanned admissions taking place in the area.

Dr Jo Cummings, clinical lead, Symphony Hub, said: “Using Patients Know Best means that the care plan written jointly with an individual patient not only records clinically-significant information but also how they see their health and what matters most to them. This gives patients a voice and more input into their care.”

Working in partnership with PKB, the Hub team provides patients with a Patients Know Best account, a bespoke detailed care plan and one-to-one support to help them reach their health and wellbeing goals.

​Cummings said: “The information in the plan, with an individual patient’s consent, can then be shared with different health professionals including the emergency services via the use of secure internet access.