Care planning

Patients Know Best offers the most comprehensive and person-centered care planning tool in the world, capturing structured and meaningful conversations around a person's care. This means care plans that are co-designed with patients, for patients, empowering them to more effectively self-manage their care.

Patient-centered and owned

PKB health records are patient-owned, giving patients more control and the ability to be actively involved in decisions about their care. It also means patients and professionals can work together to co-design a care plan which sets realistic goals, while ensuring they have clear steps to follow to help monitor and self-manage their own health.

Read, write and share

Our application programming interfaces (API’s), along with hospital EMR feeds, allow information to flow in as well as out of the PKB health record. It also means that patients have the freedom to read, edit and share their care plan (electronically and printed) with anyone they choose, including those caring for them.

A plan for all conditions and comorbidities

From managing common conditions to more complex comorbidities, all our care plans are completely customisable and can be tailored to meet individual care and support needs. Clinical teams can use or adapt the hundreds of PRSB compliant care plan templates available in Patients Know Best, or simply create a new plan for each patient.


Set clear goals and actions

Outline and agree the individual steps a patient should take to manage their condition while considering the impact on their quality of life.

Symptom monitoring

Ask patients to log their symptoms and use a RAG system to help patients understand when to seek help. This is highly effective for real-time monitoring of long-term conditions.

Connect devices

Integrate real-time data from wearable and home monitoring devices for a live care plan that is responsive to a patient’s current needs.

Allergies and medications

PKB care plans provide a view of all allergies and medications to enable safe care from all professionals and carers involved in supporting the patient.

Measurements and test

The real-time hospital EMR feed gives patients access to their test results faster than any other method. All recent measurements are shown in the care plan for live management of care.

Embed information and advice

Professionals can add information and videos, either created themselves or by offering links to verified information and support services to help patients self-care.

COVID-19 Care Plans

Our clinically verified COVID-19 care plans incorporate the latest information and guidance from the UK Government and NHS England. These care plans have been shared with our NHS customers to support patients (registered PKB users) to self-manage their coronavirus diagnosis safely from home. Patients can monitor their symptoms using the specified categories and better understand if and when to seek help.

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