I. For clinicians: Letter from the CEO

As both a physician and a patient with a chronic illness, I know how many records, test results and patient questions clinicians have to juggle every day. Many studies, including my own work with 2,700 US hospitals, have shown that patients do not always need to be seen in person. Online consultations can be just as effective while being faster and more convenient.

So I started Patients Know Best to help you work with your patients online. We built the site to fit into the tools you already use for your clinical work. NHS clinicians, for example, will be pleased to know that the system is already integrated into the NHS secure network. For US clinicians, our software is already HIPAA compliant.

You can start offering your patients more and better care in under 10 minutes.

Dr. Mohammad Al-Ubaydli
CEO and founder, Patients Know Best

II. Easy and intuitive

Patients Know Best is fast to start and easy to use. All you and your patient need is a web browser like Internet Explorer. To get started, you invite your patient to register (for free) and grant you access to their records. The patient can then invite other members of their clinical team to collaborate with you. Now you can all work together to improve the patient’s health.

III. End unnecessary appointments

For a patient, a 10-minute appointment might mean half a day off work. They have travel to your clinic, find a parking spot, and often wait through clinic delays. For frail patients, the journey itself may make the illness worse. So when clinically safe, switching to online consultations eases the burden on the patient while allowing you to focus your clinic appointments on patients who need a physical examination. Our system allows clinicians to easily communicate and consult with their patients online through our secure website.

IV. Share more, save more

You and your team spend a lot of time sending information to patients, including writing discharge letters, explaining test results, printing transfer notes, faxing prescriptions or calling patients. By using Patients Know Best instead to securely share information you can save time and money while providing your patients with instant access.

We also add medical-legal protection: our software collects the full history from the patient so that you do not have to spend time documenting it. The software also automatically tracks everything you send your patient and documents that they received it.

V. We take care of IT

Our tools are built by a world-class team of experts on computer security and medical information. We also embed the best habits of the leading clinicians from around the world to make the care that you provide online safe and convenient. The funding we received from Channel 4 and some of Europe’s top venture capital investors means that we can build and maintain computers that serve millions of patients. And because these computers can reach customers from all over the world, we minimize the costs for you. By using our technology, you get the highest quality tools at the lowest price.

VI. Designed by doctors

Patients Know Best was started by Dr Mohammad Al-Ubaydli, who trained as a physician and programmer in Cambridge, and wrote seven books about using IT in health care.

Our Chairman is Dr. Richard Smith, former editor of the British Medical Journal and expert on evidence-based medicine.

Our team worked with doctors and nurses from hospitals, GP surgeries, NHS and private sector institutions to understand their needs and test the system with their work habits. The result is a set of tools that saves you time while improving quality and delighting patients.

VII. Safe and secure

Patients Know Best was the first company ever to meet the exacting security levels required to operate inside the NHS secure network while still making patients’ data available to users outside the network. We do this by encrypting all data at the patient level. This means only the patient – and the clinicians the patient chooses – can unlock each patient’s data. We also provide the latest in cloud computing technology, offering higher reliability than information stored on local computers, and constant back-ups to international standards.

VIII. Always available

I built Patients Know Best to last over 100 years. It has to: for my own records, as well as those of millions of other patients who will trust us. Dr Mohammad Al-Ubaydli, Founder and CEO

Patients Know Best’s web-based personal health record is designed to be available for your clinical team at all times. We understand its critical role in your practice and our team built infrastructure that ensures you can log in quickly to access the records whenever and wherever you need them.

IX. Avoid information overload

Giving patients access to the records relieves the burden on you, as a clinician, to know everything. For example, one study found that a full-time primary care physician on average reviews 930 pieces of chemistry and hematology data and 60 pathology or radiology reports in a given week. By using Patients Know Best, your patients can help you track these data and guide you through the conversations they have with other members of their clinical team. In the past, you struggled to keep up with the conversations your patient was having with other clinicians. Now, that information is at your fingertips.

X. Privacy compliance

Patients Know Best already complies with and exceeds US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and European Data Protection Act (DPA) health data privacy laws. Our Chief Privacy Officer, Robert Navarro, authored the data privacy section for British Telecom’s winning bid for the £650m English NHS SPINE/SUS project and then led the successful bid for a 9 year pseudonymisation contract to ensure the privacy of that centralised health data.