Commissioners and Payers

Lead digital transformation with an interoperable solution that allows medical information to be shared seamlessly across providers - and with patients in one safe and secure system.

Commissioners and Payers

Lead digital transformation with an interoperable solution that allows medical information to be shared seamlessly across providers - and with patients in one safe and secure system.


"Patient controlled data sharing is the right way to join up health and social care and to consent patients to contribute data for research."

Dr Sanjay Gautama, Caldicott Gaurdian and Chief Clinical Information Officer, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

"This is a significant step forward in modernising health and care services across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire."

Alexis Farrow, Head of Strategy and Transformation for Connected Nottinghamshire

Bring digital transformation to the heart of health and care with Patients Know Best - the most advanced patient portal in the world.  

With incomparable opportunities to benefit both patients and wider healthcare economies, our patient-centred platform offers a truly borderless approach to information sharing, while maintaining high standards of data security and privacy. Our scalable model radically transforms healthcare services across populations with care pathways that increase patient activation and professional capacity whilst generating cash savings. 

PKB creates efficiencies in the system, providing the freedom to innovate, facilitate research and do more of the things on the ‘wish-list’. Furthermore, our open data fits into any chosen population health analytics tools so resources can be allocated more effectively and strategically. 

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Know more. Do more. Transform better.

Population centric PHR

Make information sharing between providers simple with one centralised personal health records (PHR) system across your patient population.

Embed the system and engage patients and staff more easily using our white labelling functionality. This approached has been rolled out successfully to over 2.3 million citizens across North West London through the Care Information Exchange.


One integrated record

Ensure patient safety and support clinical decision making by giving teams access to vital information from all providers in real time.

Share everything including lab results, medication lists, care plans and discharge summaries, using one login and from one place.


Release cash savings

As a start, save approximately £1 on postage for every digital letter received by a patient, or around £1000 for helping patients to avoid a trip to A&E or an unplanned admission. Why not put these savings to better use for either research, digital innovation or even staffing?

Our Gainshare outcomes-based contract model is a great way to get started. This reduces capital costs by levying transaction charges against guaranteed cash savings.


Create capacity

Reduce appointments and create capacity by empowering patients to self-manage their health and care remotely while enabling healthcare professionals to work smarter with online consultations.

Transform care pathways and only invite patients who need an in-person healthcare intervention for face-to-face appointments.


Prevent admissions 

Open the door to remote messaging and online communication between patients and their health and care professionals.

Secure messaging with PKB has the potential to prevent unnecessary admissions and wasted trips to the hospital or to see the doctor. This not only saves money and time but it also significantly reduces your organisation's carbon footprint.


Empower self-care

Support patients to stay in their own homes and communities for longer by empowering them with the tools and information to safely self-manage their care online.

Symptom tracking and remote monitoring helps to see the status of a patient in real-time. This allows healthcare professionals to intervene earlier before problems occur. This approach has transformed care for inflammatory bowel disease patients at East Surrey Hospital.


Facilitate research

With PKB patients can give direct consent to share their information for research purposes.

Organisations can select the institutions to work with and help share this data seamlessly in real-time with those selected research groups and associations.


Improve end of life care

Enable patients to be cared for safely, with dignity at home during end of life care.

Help to respect individual needs and wishes by making critical patient information available to all care providers including their medical history, care plans and pain management prescriptions.


  25% of patients register within 30 days

  £1.02 saved with each digital letter seen using PKB

We are supported by the NHS England Innovation and Technology Payment 2019-20. Please get in touch to find out if your organisation could benefit. 

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