Information Officers

An award-winning fully managed service which aligns with the NHS vision for Cloud First, with free weekly upgrades for all our customers. 

Information Officers

An award-winning fully managed service which aligns with the NHS vision for Cloud First, with free weekly upgrades for all our customers. 


"The clinician took my iPad and the only words she said to me in the next 10 minutes was, 'this is fantastic!'"

Paul - North West London

"It gives us the potential to work differently."

Dr Warwick, Sexual Health and HIV Consultant, 
Derriford Hospital

Internationally recognised for our approach to governance, Patients Know Best (PKB) offers the highest standards of data privacy and security for a Patient Portal or Integrated Digital Care Record.

Our interoperable and borderless architecture makes information sharing with a range of healthcare providers across both organisational and geographic boundaries, completely seamless. Furthermore, integrations with leading suppliers give our customers the most advanced capability and our future roadmap helps to bring innovation closer. 

By adopting a patient-centric consent model, we take the pain out of regulation standards to give patients the power to directly involve carers and extended healthcare teams for truly integrated health and social care, wherever they are in the world.

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Know more. Do more. Work better.

Trusted and credible

PKB is the most used and trusted patient portal in the U.K. We are supported by the NHS England Innovation and Technology Payment Fund 2019-20. Furthermore, PKB has also been highlighted by the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care in ‘The future of healthcare: our vision for digital, data and technology in health and care’ as a best practice example for giving patients access to their healthcare data.


Business intelligence

Evaluate the percentage of digital letters read  by patients daily with our business intelligence tools. Monitor and adapt your approach to understand the percentage of documents  read, the average time until reading documents, types of documents likely to be read and the appropriate time to issue a physical follow up letter for the digital letter that has not yet been read.


Risk-sharing roll-out

Our Gainshare outcomes-based contract model reduces capital costs by levying transaction charges against guaranteed cash savings.

PKB is the only patient portal company in the world to offer this risk-share approach.
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Best for Governance

Internationally recognised as a best practice model for information sharing, we have advised Government departments in the development of national frameworks for data sharing with patients and are also closely aligned to the data standards set by NHS England. In recognition of these robust standards, we have been awarded ‘Best for the World Honouree’ in 2018 and 2019 by B Corporation.


Safe and secure sharing

PKB has tried and tested methods for giving patients and healthcare professionals routine access to medical data in real-time. Data security and privacy is core to our approach - each patient record is encrypted so only those with explicit patient consent can access the record.

With open APIs and fully operating within the HSCN network according to FHIR and HL7v2 standards, PKB is easy to implement and scale across regions and patient populations.


Granular privacy 

PKB is the only system that categorises access into four different disciplines - General Health, Social Care, Mental Health and Sexual Health. Information in these categories is only shared depending on the consent the patient has allowed. However, our ‘break the glass’ feature gives healthcare professionals instant access to the record when permission cannot be obtained, for example, by paramedics during an emergency. This is legally audited to monitor compliance.


Open APIs

Open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) give health organisations the greatest level of flexibility and control, both technically and commercially.

We can connect to all available data sources at no extra cost to make patient information available at the point of need. This means all functionality is seamlessly available to our clients without the need for additional integrations. 


Most loved Patient Portal

PKB is the UK’s largest patient portal and the world’s first patient-controlled health records system, used by over 100 healthcare organisations, across 7 countries, in 20 different languages, with over 8 million patient records created. It can be used by patients and clinicians anywhere in the world.

The Care Information Exchange (powered by PKB), covering 2.3 million citizens in North West London, is the largest patient-held record in the UK.


25% of patients register within 30 days

Save up to £120 on missed appointments with digital letters

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