PKB Registries

A whole systems approach for sharing and collecting real-world patient data

Working in partnership with leading institutions

Contracted for 12 million lives

Transform your registry. Share and collect data for real-world evidence including, vital signs from wearables and your choice of PROMS and PREMS from patient-entered data.

Share data

Give patients access to their data in real-time using Europe's largest patient data network and personal health record.

Real-world evidence

Generate patients data for research from monitoring applications, lab results or questionnaires.

Innovation for the specialist care and management of diseases and long-term conditions

Connect to the live personal health records of your patient cohorts to improve clinical excellence and outcomes.

The PKB Registry Dataflow

Established registries that collect and hold data for the patient to see, can send data to be displayed in PKB while in return, directly collect real-world data from patients. Other registries looking for clinical and 'real-world' data, can work with PKB and our associated clinical teams, to request registered patients to open their records to the registry directly. Put simply, this means you can share and collect data from:

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