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How to use PKB with your students

As part of our social mission and company ethos, we offer the Patients Know Best platform free of charge to any institutions teaching medical, pharmaceutical or allied healthcare professional students, to support the remote consultation and patient management practices of our future healthcare professionals.
Educational institutions can decide who and how their volunteer patients will use the personal health record platform with their students for educational purposes, in any of the 3 ways below:


Teaching the future of care

“This has allowed the students to get an opportunity to use technology in their communications with their patients and to enhance the students' understanding of the holistic care of a patient. The students get to put themselves ‘in the shoes of the patient’ and start to practise compassionate care”.
Dr Mandie ScamellProgramme Director at City University of London

Embarking onto my future as a Doctor

“I feel more passionate to ensure my patients feel valued.... I don’t want ‘patient centred care’ to be an empty phrase to my patients as I want them to be involved in their care and feel listened to...”
Medical Student

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The students I worked with this year were amazing

“ I have really enjoyed the experience and the two groups of medical students – the groups have been lovely to talk to as well.”

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