We are proud to integrate with our strategic partners to offer our clients cutting edge integrations with devices, systems and data structures. 


More than 100,000 new test results shared every month

Over 1 million patient records now accessible across every county in the UK

Our integration with Current Health offers care teams immediate access to patients’ vital signs, to speed up timely and preventative care, as well as empower patients to take proactive control of their health care.

This integrated solution lets clinicians and care teams monitor vital signs and health information in real-time to better manage chronic conditions and at-home patient care, reduce hospital admissions and improve
cost efficiencies. Click here to find out more.


HealthUnlocked’s eSocial Prescription capability is integrated with PKB to make it easier for healthcare professionals to offer their patients more holistic, personalised care plans in the form of a social prescription that aims to complement clinical treatments. Click here to find out more. 

PKB and musculoskeletal rehabilitation specialist, MSK Note, enable specialist care and remote interaction between patients and clinicians in real-time. MSK’s ‘Assist’ platform simplifies musculoskeletal healthcare by connecting patients with the right information about their diagnosis with the ability to report back directly to their clinician with exercise progress and outcome measures from their mobile device. Click here to find out more.


PKB has partnered with Synertec to streamline patient communications and improve patient experience by switching to digital e-letters. NHS clients use Synertec to quickly register patients to log into their record on PKB. For each patient who registers, NHS clients no longer pay postage or admin costs for sending appointments letters. Click here to find out more. 

CarePoint is a sales partner for PKB in the Netherlands and Germany. They provide implementation support, training, and first and second line customer support for PKB customers in the Netherlands and Germany.

​As a company with a strong history of revolutionising the Dutch market by introducing innovative healthcare solutions, we are proud to work with  CarePoint to extend PKB’s offering in Europe. Click here to find out more.