Belief of having had unconfirmed Covid-19 infection reduces willingness to participate in app-based contact tracing - The objective of this study was to measure the determinants of willingness to participate in an NHS app-based contact-tracing programme using a questionnaire within the Care Information Exchange (CIE)—the largest patient-facing electronic health record in the NHS. To view the original paper click here
Determinants of Use of the Care Information Exchange Portal: Cross-sectional Study - Sharing electronic health records with patients has been shown to improve patient safety and quality of care. Patient portals represent a convenient tool to enhance patient access to their own health care data. However, the success of portals will only be possible through sustained adoption by its end users: the patients. A better understanding of the characteristics of users and ... Read More
Increasing but inadequate intention to receive Covid-19 vaccination over the first 50 days of impact of the more infectious variant and roll-out of vaccination in UK: indicators for public health messaging - To inform critical public health messaging by determining how changes in Covid-19 vaccine hesitancy, attitudes to the priorities for administration, the emergence of new variants and availability of vaccines may affect the trajectory and achievement of herd immunity. To view the original paper click here
The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Uptake of the Influenza Vaccine: UK-Wide Observational Study - In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the UK National Health Service (NHS) extended eligibility for influenza vaccination this season to approximately 32.4 million people (48.8% of the population). Knowing the intended uptake of the vaccine will inform supply and public health messaging to maximize vaccination. View the study also here.
Non-face-to-face delivery of an IBD service with PKB - To tackle long waiting times, open access to the IBD service through telephone and email support was offered to all known IBD patients in 2014. This led to the introduction of a web-based patient management portal called Patients Know Best.
Using a web-based PHR to build closer relationships with patients with Type 1 diabetes - This paper investigates to what extent a web-based personal health record system (Patients Know Best), could add value to diabetes care and promote self-management.
The effectiveness and impact of patient-controlled records: A report on PKB - FeaturedNews 9 October 2020 by Gurpreet Sarai This paper is based on our case studies. It explores the impact and effectiveness of PKB and highlights that adoption is superior when professionals and patients collaborate around a central record. Related news/blog posts Transforming the face of traditional dermatology services Improving access to sexual health services Related pages Case Studies PKB in ... Read More

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