Patients and Carers

Access your health record online for the peace of mind that wherever you go, wherever you might need care, your healthcare professional will have the full picture from the very start.


"I'm effectively carrying my entire medical history with me wherever I go in the world - and that's very reassuring.”

Jason - Northwick Park, London

"Emergency health care professionals have access so they know what to do - or what not to do!"

              Fran - North West London

As the company founded for patients, Patients Know Best (PKB) works on your behalf to share medical information (like the outcome of your last GP appointment or your recent test results), so that everyone looking after you understands the type of care and support you need and want.

With access to your PKB health record, you can expect to be listened to, involved in decisions, get more detailed explanations about your care and be treated as a person with individual needs, not just another number amongst hundreds. 

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See your record anytime

See all your appointments, medical correspondence, test results, medication lists and care plans, together in one place, wherever you go.

Receive notifications when new information is available, prepare any questions ahead of appointments and manage your health and care in the meantime.

Message your team

Cut down on phone calls or unnecessary visits to the doctor or hospital by securely messaging your healthcare team online.

Quickly share data, messages, photos, videos and documents in minutes.


Access resources

Access the information and advice created by your healthcare team online.

Find tailored resources designed to meet your individual care needs with links to local support groups, specialist rehabilitation information and tailored care plans. 

Book appointments 

No longer waste time waiting on the phone. Book your GP or hospital appointments online in your PKB account, when it's convenient for you.

GP practices using EMIS software are the first to start using this feature. 


Add your data

Add important information about your past medical history or any old clinical documentation so it’s there in one place, when you need it.

Upload any old reports, care plans or test results and store them securely online, rather than carry around any old bits of paper or files.

Connect wearable devices

Connect data from over 100 wearable devices such as Fitbits or glucometers. 

Share this data with healthcare teams from the comfort of your own home in real-time. This helps you to track your condition and also alerts your healthcare team to any changes they should know about.


Track your health

Keep a journal, monitor your symptoms and add measurements.

Understand what’s normal for you. Then, if something isn’t quite right, you know when to contact your health and care team. 

Share your record

Instantly share all, or parts of your record with anyone who needs it.

Quickly give access to your GP, hospital consultant, at-home care provider, pharmacist, paramedic, carer or next of kin. Control what they see with granular privacy and consent settings and best of all, access it wherever you go (at home or abroad) for real peace of mind.


"It's important for me to use PKB to contact the necessary people for my care when needed.”

Liam - East Surrey

"I can pretty much see what's happening within a couple of hours of having my bloods done."

Paul - North West London

Did you know we can’t see or access your data?
To protect the privacy and security of your data, we encrypt all patient data. Only your healthcare team and the people you choose (using the 'Sharing' feature) can see the encrypted information. This means no-one else can see your information, including Patients Know Best.

Your account also allows you to see a log of all data accessed by any healthcare professional. Read the Common Questions below to learn more. 

For further information about how we manage data, please see our Privacy Policy.

You can also learn more about the benefits of personal health records with Patients Know Best in our News Centre.

Common Questions