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98% of patients said the relationship with their clinical team improved

Sandwell and West - Birmingham

98% of patients said the relationship with their clinical team improved

Sandwell and West - Birmingham

Patients Know Best is your pass into the future of healthcare for patients. It’s a world where healthcare works around you. With your PKB account, you’ll have access to your health record and can expect to be listened to, involved in decisions, get explanations about your care, and be treated as a person with individual needs, not just another number amongst hundreds of patient records.

As the company founded for patients - to empower you to take back control of your health, we work on your behalf to share medical information between your healthcare providers and also with you. This helps everyone looking after you to understand the type of care and support you need (and want!) but it also means you can better manage your health and understand what’s going on by monitoring your condition, sharing information with doctors from the comfort of your own home, and getting help quickly when needed.

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25% of patients register within 30 days of receiving a letter

£0.7-3 saving per lettersending digital

Know more with access to the same information your doctor can see:


See your personal health record

All your letters, test results, medication lists, diagnoses and care plans together in one place, with instant notifications when new information is available.

Access tailored resources

Access the information and advice given by your healthcare team online. From local support groups to specialist rehabilitation or care plans, specifically tailored to your individual care needs.  

Do more with the tools that help you to manage your condition:


Message your healthcare team

Cut down on phone calls or unnecessary visits to the clinic by securely messaging your healthcare team online. Share messages, photos, videos and documents in minutes.

Book appointments online

No longer waste time waiting on the phone. Book your GP or hospital appointments online in your PKB account.


Order repeat prescriptions

Order your repeat prescription with PKB, choose the pharmacy you want to send it to and can collect it when it’s ready. You can also have it delivered to your door if your pharmacy provides this option. 

Add your own data

Add important information about your past medical history or any old clinical documentation to your record so it’s there in one place, when you need it.  


Connect wearable devices

Connect data from wearable devices such as Fitbits or glucometers and share this with healthcare teams from the comfort of your own home, in real-time.

Live better knowing the people caring for you have the information they need to look after you:

Track your health

Keep a journal, monitor your symptoms and add measurements to understand what’s normal for you. Then, easily contact your clinical team if something isn’t quite right. 


Share your record

Keep everyone in the loop. No longer repeat your story to every healthcare professional. Instantly share your record including any test results and care plans with your GP, consultant, at-home care provider, pharmacist, paramedic, carer and next of kin. You can also control what information they see with granular privacy and consent settings. And, because you own this data, you can access it wherever you go (at home or abroad) for real peace of mind.

Did you know we can’t see or access your data? To protect the privacy and security of your data, we encrypt (or code) and then process all data according to NHS guidelines. Only your healthcare team and the people you choose can see this information. You can also see a record of all data they have accessed. Learn more about this in our Privacy Policy [link to Privacy Policy.

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