Book GP appointments

Getting started

You can book GP appointments directly from your PKB account. However, you will first need a letter with account details from your GP practice. It will look something like this: 


You can use these account details in PKB, even if you have already used them for another app or website.

Not yet registered with PKB?
If you have not yet been invited by your clinical team, you can sign up here via NHS login.

Once you have registered, follow the steps below.

How to book GP appointments

1. Login to your PKB portal.

2. Click 'Diary' and choose 'Appointments'.

3. Click ‘Book GP appointment’.


4. Enter the account details from your letter and click 'Register'.


Once linked to your GP practice, you will not need to repeat this step unless changes are made to your access e.g. your GP resets your account key for security reasons or if you have changed GP practice.

5. To book an appointment, choose a date on the calendar to see if the slot is available that day. Please note, the days highlighted in green are available slots.

6. Add a booking reason if required.

7. Click on 'Next'.


9. Review the details of your appointment and click ‘Book’.


10. Your appointment will now be displayed on your calendar.


For further support using this feature, please refer to the PKB User Manual.