Our mission

Patients Know Best is our social mission. We believe we will achieve this mission when every person:

  1. Owns a copy of all their health information
  2. Understands what this information means
  3. Uses this understanding to make shared decisions with family members or carers and healthcare professionals.

As the company founded and underpinned by the belief that patient access and ownership of health records can unlock the potential to greater health outcomes and experiences, our aim is for every person to have the ability to access their personal health record, control who can see it and use this information to manage their health and care.

We have identified the following team values as the core building blocks to help us achieve this aim:

  • We are trustworthy
  • We are innovators
  • We are professional

We always put the patient at the centre of our approach.
By embedding our mission, aims and company values in everything we do, we strive to make healthcare services better for patients, professionals and the global healthcare economy.