Health Help Now app

Health Help Now aims to help people in Harrow find the right service for their health needs. It provides advice and guidance and signposts to the relevant health and care services.

Health Help Now has been developed by NHS Harrow Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) together with North and East London Commissioning Support Unit and input from Harrow GPs and other health professionals. It lists common symptoms and offers advice and suggestions for treatment.

By choosing the right service for your needs, you can avoid unnecessary trips to A&E.

If you require urgent treatment for symptoms which are not listed on Health Help Now, please ring NHS 111.

1. Tap on the Care Information Exchange icon


2. Tap the Get Started link


3. Enter your PKB username and password


4. See all your PKB medical records inside the Health Help Now app

Integration of Patients Know Best with Health Help Now is part of Northwest London's Care Information Exchange.


The Care Information Exchange: Information for patients

The goal of the Care Information Exchange is to improve the care that you receive and help you feel more in control of managing your health. It will provide online access to medical records for you and the health and social care professionals in North West London who are involved in your care.

At the heart of the Care Information Exchange is a web application provided by Patients Know Best, a social enterprise company. The system is already in use in over 60 healthcare organisations globally including 30 in the UK. Imperial College Healthcare Charity has provided funding for the Care Information Exchange for the benefit of health and social care in North West London. 

1. What does the Care Information Exchange do?
The Care Information Exchange will help ensure that health and care professionals have access to more complete information about your health and care so that they can provide better care. And it will enable you to exchange information with health and care professionals and manage your health better.

2. Why do we need the Care Information Exchange? 
Many people will have had the experience of having to repeat details of their care history to a new doctor, nurse or care worker. As well as a GP, an individual may have contact with professionals working in acute, mental health or community NHS trusts or in social care organisations. Each of these organisations will have their own record about the patient, but this information is unlikely to be readily available to other organisations. The Care Information Exchange will give individuals a view of information about them held by different health and social care organisations and enable them to share it as required to ensure their care is coordinated as effectively as possible.

3. How do I sign up for the Care Information Exchange? 
Groups of patients and professionals are starting to use the Care Information Exchange in North West London. If your professionals are using the Care Information Exchange, they will invite you to join. During the registration process you will need to provide an email address and photographic ID such as a passport or driving licence.

4. How will I access the Care Information Exchange? 
Once you have completed the registration process, you will be able to log in to the Care Information Exchange using your username and password from any computer or tablet with internet access. 

5. Can I use it to contact someone in emergency or crisis situations? 
No, for urgent medical care or advice call NHS 111. In case of serious injury or illness which may be life-threatening, call 999. Your care professionals may also have given you advice on what to do in an emergency. 

6. How secure is my information? 
The security of your information is of the utmost importance to us. The Care Information Exchange is hosted within the NHS network, so it is very secure. All health and care professionals have a duty to protect the confidentiality of patient and service user information.

7. How does my information get onto the Care information Exchange? 
You and your health and care professionals can enter information into the Care Information Exchange, and data may be entered from the IT systems used in GP practices, hospitals and other health and care organisations.

8. Can I opt out of the Care Information Exchange? 
Health and care organisations using the Care Information Exchange may put information about you on the Care Information Exchange. This is information that they already hold about you on paper or on other computer systems. Putting the information in the Care Information Exchange gives the opportunity for other professionals involved in your care to see it. This can help ensure you get the best care and avoid unnecessary tests and treatment. If you do not want and organisation involved in your care to add your information to the Care Information Exchange, you need to inform them of your choice. 

9. Who will see my information? 
Health and care professionals involved in your care can only see your information if you invite them to share your record. When you set up your account we will show you how to control who sees your information. The only exception to this is an emergency or life- threatening situation when a health or care professional may decide they must consult your information. In this case there will be a computer record of who accessed your information and why. 

10. How will you use my email address? 
Your email address will be your unique user name when you log in to the Care Information Exchange. We will use it to send you your initial instructions for activating your account as well as notifications when there are updates to your information.

List of participating organisations 

The project is intended to incorporate the following organisations across North West London.