I. Letter from the CEO

Patients Know Best software makes your organisation more helpful to patients. Healthcare reforms around the world are increasingly focused on maximizing value and rewarding the health care organisations that best serve their patients. Our software helps you capture these rewards by empowering patients to better manage their health while giving clinicians the tools they need to help them succeed. Our platform is flexible and our technology makes a difference.

If you would like our team to discuss how your team can get paid more for doing more, contact our team for a demonstration.

Dr. Mohammad Al-Ubaydli
CEO and founder, Patients Know Best

II. Shrinking budgets

Policy makers are freezing or shrinking health care budgets. They simply cannot sustain the increases in spending of the last decade, and instead are demanding that providers do more with less. To thrive in this new environment, your institution has to become more efficient. Patients Know Best lets you do more, at a lower cost, with higher patient satisfaction.

III. Improving efficiency

Putting patients in control is the key to increasing your organisation’s efficiency. In retail, banking, travel and other industries, putting the customer in control has dramatically improved the quality and lowered the cost of serving the customer. And so it will be in health care. The organisations that help the patient to help themselves will be the ones that succeed. Let Patients Know Best become a partner in making your organisation more efficient.

IV. Increasing revenues

We built Patients Know Best to help you succeed with your patients. Teams that use our software can increase their revenues:

1. Specialists can care for patients from farther afield because our software lets them collaborate with the patient's local clinical team. This allows the patient to choose the best specialist rather than the closest generalist, providing more revenue for centres of excellence.

2. Patient who use online consultations are 85% less likely to switch to different health care providers. 

3. Clinicians can bill for online consultations conducted with our software and seamlessly document their care for insurance companies and primary care trusts. Where clinically appropriate, online consultations are more efficient, allowing each clinician to help more patients per hour, and allowing each patient to avoid taking time off work and making unnecessary journeys.

V. Patient-centered care

Patients are increasing their demands for control. The switch from paternalistic medicine – where clinicians decided and patients obeyed – to participatory medicine – where clinician and patient decide together how to improve the patient’s health – means big changes in the culture of health care. Patients Know Best is designed to help your organisation offer patients the control they want.