Making life easier for patients, while reducing costs.

Patients Know Best is integrated with Netcall’s Patient Hub to help our NHS customers reduce costs, optimise clinic performance and improve patient outcomes and experience.

Powering NHS Digital Transformation

Digital transformation starts by offering patients seamless access to their health data with the ability to effortlessly manage their appointments and consultations round-the-clock and easily in one place. Empower patients with the information and tools to navigate their health and care and start your journey towards improving patient outcomes and increasing cost savings.


Increase patient experience

The PKB - Netcall integration is based on a FHIR registration workflow and OAuth API. The result is that patients can book and reschedule all appointments from the Netcall Patient Hub while at the same time, click through to seamlessly access their personal health record - to view a care plan or see their latest test results for example. If a patient has not yet registered for their record, Netcall can also facilitate this process. This makes for a seamless patient experience while increasing organisational uptake of digital services.


We’ve seen the uptake of digital services through Patient Hub increase up to 70%. Linking to a clinical and patient portal such as Patients Knows Best supports this further, to speed up the rate at which patients can see the real benefits of managing their care.

Mark Holmes, Chief Sales Officer at Netcall

Reduce waste, increase performance

Digitising paper-based appointment management processes and increasing digital interactions with personal health data, significantly reduces waste and moves you a step closer to becoming a greener NHS. Cut out these out-dated processes to reduce Did Not Attends (DNAs) and waiting lists which cost the NHS millions of pounds each year.


This integrated solution is available to all joint PKB and Netcall customers

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