OMRON Healthcare is a world's leading medical device company, providing high quality healthcare devices and solutions for home use.

The Integration between the two organisations supports users to seamlessly stream their measurements from their OMRON devices into their Personal Health Record, via OMRON Connect. 

The OMRON Connect App allows users to share key metrics such as blood pressure, weight and step count, which can now be integrated into their PKB account. Health data contained in users’ smartphones and smart watches, and other third party apps can be integrated to their PKB account if the devices/apps are connected to the OMRON Connect App.

More information on the integration can be found in the launch announcement here, and a detailed guide on enabling the integration here. A simple guide to enabling the integration can be found below. 

Step 1: Register for PKB
Patients Know Best is your Personal Health Record where you can securely store your medical data, and view medical data from any healthcare institutions that are using the platform in their services.
Many hospitals, GP practices and clinical teams work with Patients Know Best to provide their patients with access to a patient-controlled health record however if your healthcare providers are not using us yet, you can still register to track your own healthcare data to support your health and wellbeing.
Step 2: Link your OMRON connect account
Head to your OMRON connect account and link this with your PKB record.
Step 3: View your OMRON device data alongside your wider health data
Data is then displayed within the PKB record alongside any other information that has been shared by healthcare professionals, or recorded by you, the patient. You can now view your OMRON device data alongside other important health information and share this securely with your support network.