Empowering better outcomes

Specialist remote monitoring for respiratory conditions


Our integration with patientMpower enables respiratory specialist services to transition out-patient care from the hospital to the home, empowering better outcomes for patients and making care delivery more efficient.
Clinical Grade Devices
Clinical grade spirometry, oximetry, blood pressure, body weight and temperature monitoring enables specialist remote assessment of patients with chronic respiratory conditions including cystic fibrosis, interstitial lung disease, COPD and asthma.

With Seamless Real Time Data Integration

Integration with the PKB interface enables clinicians to assess patient data in real time, for seamless virtual consultations or to quickly identify any patient complications.
Increased Service Capacity and Equity of Care
Use of the patientMpower solution reduces the need for face to face outpatient appointments by as much as 67%, with increased patient reassurance and convenience. This improves resource use for providers and enables greater access to care for patients, regardless of their location or capacity to travel.
Better Outcomes for Patients
Frequent home monitoring of respiratory conditions is associated with more rapid identification of disease progression and exacerbations compared to in-clinic assessment. This reduces unplanned hospitalisations for respiratory conditions - one of the biggest contributors to unplanned hospital admissions in the UK. ​