How to Register with PKB

If you currently use PatientView (PV), your record will stop being updated with data from the 1st January 2023. Kidney patients wanting to continue to access test results and communicate with their care teams need to join PKB.

To ensure you continue to see your renal data from your unit when PatientView switches over to PKB make sure you register for your PKB record. Your existing data in PV will be ready to view in your PKB record.

For patients in Scotland, more information about the transition will be available in the next few months, rest assured in the meantime you will continue to have access to your data on PV.



Click on the button below

And continue by clicking the ‘Register using NHS login’ Button


Connect yourself to the UKKA team by clicking on the button below

And continue by clicking ‘Share’

Please find a support guide here, and follow this from step 2. If you need any support during the sign up process, you can email for additional guidance.

About the switchover from PV to PKB

The UK Kidney Association (UKKA) chose Patients Know Best (PKB) as it’s new software provider to support renal patients in receiving their healthcare data in a more modern and secure personal health record.  Along with renal data, PKB allows patients to add their own information as well as receive other health information from other healthcare providers (if they are using PKB) giving a full health record in one easily accessible place. Find out more here.

Following the decision to move from PatientView to PKB in 2020, both organisations have been working hard to ensure existing PV patients are able to see all of their historic data, and receive new data, in PKB. This has meant engaging with all the renal units who are part of the national programme and training and readying them for the switchover. 

We understand that change can be challenging, and that it can take some time to get used to a new system. We are working with and listening to patients to make sure the data we send into PKB is easy to view and understand.

Our User Research team are always keen to hear from users of PKB.  See how you can get involved here.

Further support for PatientView users

A detailed guide for current PatientView users to demonstrate how to use their Patients Know Best record and where to find corresponding features that are currently used in PatientView via our manual here.  
Cover of help document for patient view

“Partnering with a leading provider of digital personal health records has been a significant step for the UK Kidney Association and showcases our determination to provide quality platforms to streamline the care of people living with kidney disease. It was important that as an organisation, we continued to evolve to meet the needs of the kidney communities that we serve.

Working with PKB, we aim to provide a secure environment in which patients can access their data and take control of how their information is shared, and with whom. For patients and kidney teams, this means increased security, and advanced features and functionality, including team-based messaging and an ecosystem of integrated wearable and monitoring devices to support clinical transformation.

Implementing digital solutions and empowering people living with kidney disease to access them is a core part of the quality improvement work that we undertake at the UK Kidney Association. We are looking forward to the positive changes that working with PKB brings and to offering people with kidney disease and our kidney communities with enhanced platforms and portals to streamline their care.”

Retha Steenkamp, Head of Operations, The UK Kidney Association/UK Renal Registry

Case studies

One of the first Renal teams to benefit from the move to Patients Know Best is the Kidney Dietetics team at Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. The team are using the library of resources, secure messaging, care plans and questionnaires to improve the remote management of their patient cohort.

“The transformation for our service has been brilliant! We no longer have to rely on email to send patients their information and we can benefit from all the functions that PKB offers.” Katherine Durrans, Clinical Lead Renal Dietitian

Read more about their usage and see their resources here.

An explainer for renal teams

If you are a renal team who has previously used PatientView and want to know more about what this means for your team, you can find more information via our deploy site here.

The UKKA move to PKB

PatientView supports about 74,500 patients who receive care and treatment for renal disease in the UK by sharing a view of their clinical data using a patient portal. The move to PKB will build on this work by replacing the current portal to add advanced features including, care planning, team-based messaging and an ecosystem of integrated devices. Read more about the UKKAs decision to re-platform to PKB here.

“Partnering with a leading provider of digital personal health records is a significant step for the Renal Association and showcases our determination to provide quality platforms for patients to streamline their care.” Chief Executive of the Renal Association, Ron Cullen

Family looking at a laptop with PKB record on

Remember to sign up!

Don’t forget, if you currently use Patient View, in the future your record will stop being updated with data. To continue to receive your data (and access many more tools!) please sign up to PKB and access your record here, by clicking on sign up with NHS login. 

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