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The complete enterprise scheduling platform
Patients Know Best is integrated with the Swiftqueue enterprise scheduling solution to give patients the ability to amend, cancel and rebook their appointments seamlessly within the PKB user interface.
One place for appointments
Patients no longer need to use a separate system that does not work in harmony with their personal health record. By clicking the link at the bottom of the appointment in PKB, Swiftqueue shows all the hospital appointments that are available - either for changing or cancelling. Where the patient opts to change an appointment, all the available slots from Swiftqueue can be viewed in real-time and the chosen slot can be booked.
Live operational management
Appointment changes from Swiftqueue appear in PKB within a second, and a text from Swiftqueue confirms the appointment to the patient. The integration also means that appointment data is aggregated into the consolidated personal health record in real-time. This offers customers a sophisticated scheduling solution with live data to help manage the complex operational needs of any hospital.