Cognitant are patient education specialists, empowering people to take control of their health through deeper understanding of their conditions and treatment.Through a combination of clinically-led consultation, patient focused co-creation and creative expertise, Cognitant creates programmes designed to drive changes in patient behaviour and outcomes.

Innovating the way health information is co-created and delivered to patients

Cognitant applies its clinical expertise to a highly patient-centric approach to develop health education experiences which have been co-created with both patients and clinicians for maximum engagement and impact.

Innovative and engaging health information and support tools​, offer highly interactive, personalised and visual formats, and signpost to key resources and support services. Cognitant’s programmes also offer alerts and notifications​, data and test results tracking, progress reports and health coaching to maximise impact.



Patients benefit from improved understanding of their conditions, better self-management and adherence to their treatment plan, resulting in better self-management. Health care providers benefit for improved consultation efficiency and patient shared decision making.

Cognitant’s patient learning platform, Healthinote, enables the hosting and sharing of clear and trustworthy patient information, developed by Cognitant and over 80 other trusted partners, from clinician to patient.

The collaboration between Cognitant and PKB, enables patients to have an additional route to access the valuable education at the time when it will make the most positive difference to them.

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