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From labs to patients

Patients Know Best (PKB) enables healthcare organisations to share test results with patients online. Results are shared with patients and anyone they choose, direct from the laboratory and into their digital personal health record. This keeps patients out of hospital, provides the much-needed reassurance and proof many people are seeking to help get back to working life, and ultimately, saves lives.

Automated release

The laboratory generated test results are automated to be released into PKB as a one-time feed. This means no manual set up time is required. Furthermore, retrospective data can also be shared i.e. older test results from the lab system prior to any integration with PKB.

Online consultations

Integrations with online video platforms such as Attend Anywhere and Skype, allow healthcare professionals to securely consult with patients online. This provides the much needed face-to-face interaction to discuss and simultaneously record and share information about care planning, outcomes and importantly, test results. It also means clinicians can access their patients’ information 24/7, wherever they are, without the need to access hospital or GP systems.

Dynamic care planning

Custom and dynamic care plans enable truly patient-centric, multidisciplinary patient care. As part of the NHS Test Beds programme, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, has been using online care planning to support heart-failure patients to safely manage their care outside of the hospital environment. Our care plans give customers the ability to embed information like lab results or videos, to create a live care plan which can be seen by patients and anyone caring for them. Furthermore, PKB has adopted the Professional Record Standards Body (PRSB) digital care and support planning standard to ensure PKB care plans meet the high quality standards our customers expect.

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Rapid roll-out

As a fully distributed, remote company, PKB is well-versed in the practice of remote-working. Since 2008, we have been operating as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company which means all our systems and processes are digital and fully automated. Our platform can be deployed in as little as 4-6 weeks - that means patient and professional access and sharing of health information, anywhere in the UK in under 6 weeks.

Over 10 million lives

Patients Know Best is currently contracted to provide personal health records for over 10 million people in the United Kingdom. The digital health record of every patient who is registered with PKB can be accessed (with consent) by any health and care professional, so data is not restricted to individual organisations or institutions. This enables the sharing of test results at scale to support both individuals and industry, while also providing vital information for quarantined households or people who may need to continue to self-isolate.

NHS App integration

PKB is the first personal health record (PHR) to integrate with the NHS App - and the first third-party organisation to integrate Single Sign-On (SSO) with the encrypted NHS Login. This offers customers an ‘all-in-one’ integration with the best-in-class security, convenience and usability, to seamlessly connect patients to the services and information they need. This is the ultimate and most complete real-time health record from all settings including hospitals, social care, mental health services, patient-entered data and device-recorded measurements - all-in-one place!

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