The 'all in one' integration with the NHS App and Login

Patients Know Best (PKB) integrates local digital transformations with the national infrastructure of the NHS App and login.

Featured in the NHSX Tech Plan Vision in partnership with Connected Nottinghamshire

A national first

The first personal health record (PHR) to integrate with the NHS App – and the first third-party to integrate Single Sign-On (SSO) with the encrypted NHS Login, in partnership with NHS Digital.

This ‘all-in-one’ integration offers what no other PHR can – everything a patient (and their health care team) needs to manage their care – with a single gateway to their circle of care, complete with access to a personal health record.

One application with single sign-on

By harnessing the power of both digital innovation and borderless care, this integration extends the availability of the NHS App’s GP data. Now, registered patients of PKB can sign in to their health record from the NHS App to access their information from other settings too.

Using one login and the same nationally verified credentials, patients can easily access their PKB record no matter where they are with single sign-on.

Security, convenience, usability

Combining best-in-class security with convenience and usability, this integration allows healthcare providers to seamlessly connect patients to the services and information they need, when they need it.

Access complete, real-time data from all settings for improved multi-disciplinary care. This  means data from hospital records, social care and mental health services, patient-entered data and device-recorded measurements – all-in-one place!

No borders, no barriers

Patients Know Best is the only borderless PHR in the world. This integration builds on our principles of information sharing by using the ‘NHS front door’ policy to place patients at the centre to enable data to be received and shared between any health or care provider across the UK.

The application also works in the same way outside the UK – giving patients access to their complete health record in real-time whether they’re at home, travelling abroad or need to access their personal health record in an emergency.

Simple, diverse, sustainable

The PKB user interface inside the NHS App appears in the language set on the smartphone. With 20 languages supported, PKB is the most diverse personal health record in the world.

This approach to digital patient care is proven to reduce unnecessary admissions, trips to the doctor, while saving money and significantly reducing an organisation’s carbon footprint, making it even easier to reform healthcare services, locally and nationally.

Same great features in one App!

PKB users of the NHS App see all their existing features easily in one place:

  • Events & messages within ‘Health records’
  • Consultations within ‘Check my symptoms’
  • Plans within ‘Health records’
  • Symptoms within ‘Health records’
  • Measurements within ‘Health records’
  • Tests within ‘Health records’
  • Journal within ‘Health records’
  • Library within ‘Health records’
  • Medicines within ‘Prescriptions’
  • Appointments within ‘Appointments’.

Use the Patients Know Best - NHS App integration for your team

Did you know?

We spend on average a quarter of our waking hours on our phones – and 90% of that time is spent on apps. Digital health is now standard practice. Instantly deliver better outcomes and more personalised care – empower patients and populations to take greater control of their health with Patients Know Best.