Aspley Medical Centre and Beechdale Care Home Affiliation

Aspley Medical Centre and Beechdale Care Home Affiliation

21 August 2023


In collaboration, Beechdale Care Home and Aspley Medical Centre have streamlined their communication processes with the adoption of PKB. The initial reliance on emails for correspondence presented challenges, particularly in the time-consuming task of reconciling medication requests for residents. The old method involved sifting through numerous emails to pinpoint the right medication request for each individual. Additionally, the manual recording of daily vital signs and the subsequent emailing of scanned measurements to the medical center imposed further complexities, coupled with a heavy reliance on paper-based systems.

However, the integration of PKB brought about transformative improvements. Beechdale Care Home aimed to enhance data security and operational efficiency, which they achieved by utilising PKB's messaging functionality. This innovation not only facilitated real-time medication request updates but also drastically reduced the time spent on this process. Searching for missing medication for specific residents became more targeted and efficient. The care home manager attested to the time-saving benefits, indicating that the ability to directly access PKB records streamlined the process of requesting and tracking medication. Furthermore, PKB's implementation significantly accelerated medication responses from the GP practice and the pharmacy. Previously, residents had to wait days for medication, whereas now, responses and actions occur within hours, often resulting in same-day administration.

Moreover, PKB's messaging feature has proven invaluable for sending GP images, particularly for wound assessments. The exchange of images and data enables better assessment of urgency, helping determine whether an immediate visit is needed or if the resident can wait for the weekly ward round. Aspley Medical Centre's GP acknowledged the utility of the images for timely decision-making and the ability to track a patient's recovery progress. Beyond messaging, the utilization of PKB's Measurement functionality has enabled Beechdale House to seamlessly capture residents' vital signs, directly integrated into each patient's PKB record. This digital transition has replaced the cumbersome paper-based process, making information readily accessible to all stakeholders, while also allowing for data-driven insights and adjustments to treatment plans. The journey to fully embracing PKB was accompanied by a learning curve, but all eight staff members have since embraced the system, now confidently relying on its capabilities. Since its inception in June 2022 to May 2023, PKB has facilitated 455 messages, 8,471 measurements, and 482 lab results, marking a transformative year of enhanced efficiency and collaboration between Beechdale House and Aspley Medical Centre.

Below is their original case study.

Care Home Case Study July 2023

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