Midwifery students getting real life experience of using a Personal Health Record

Olivia KennedyCase Study

A forward thinking Midwifery Department at City, University of London has been using Patients Know Best (PKB) since 2017 to support their first year midwifery students undertaking the Midwifery BSc (Hons) Undergraduate degree.  They wanted to use PKB as the Personal Health Record (PHR) during one of their modules which explores professional issues in midwifery practice. In this module, students learn about the ethical and legal framework which underpins midwifery practice (based on the Nursing and Midwifery code of practice) and develop an understanding on how caring and accountability shape the expectations and responsibilities of a modern midwife. 

Integrated Patient-Controlled Medical Record – Luton CCG

Steph TewCase Study

In 2020, Luton CCG began to pilot a patient-controlled medical record for children in Luton living with epilepsy: ‘Patients Know Best’ (PKB). This record empowers parents in their role as care coordinators for their children, and enables self-management and self-care by sharing educational materials such as care plans and verified links. It ensures the parent is equipped with all the information they need to support their child.

Bringing care and support to ILD patients

Steph TewCase Study

Case Study 10 February 2022 by Steph Tew Introduction It is vital that all patients who need advice or care from a healthcare professional have access to it, but it can be a challenge to provide access to patients who live in rural areas, patients who find it difficult to travel or those who are too unwell (or are shielding) … Read More

Improving care pathways for Immunotherapy patients in Hull

Steph TewCase Study

Introduction Using Immunotherapy as a treatment is relatively new to Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. Immunotherapy is a treatment that uses certain parts of a person’s immune system to fight diseases such as cancer. The service is run by two Clinical Nurse Specialists; Helen Carolan and Lynsey Wood and co-ordinator Jenna Holdsworth. We have around 200 patients on the treatment … Read More

Tackling the rising number of attendances for heart failure patients

Steph TewCase Study

To combat the rising number of emergency A&E attendances and unnecessary  hospital and GP visits for patients with heart failure, patients need to be given more control to monitor their own health, knowing they have the support and information at the touch of a button.  Here is how one Trust approached this and is now seeing more informed patients managing … Read More

Interacting with Patients via Patients Know Best – A student’s experience​

Lloyd Bettell-HigginsCase Study

Interacting with Patients via Patients Know Best – A student’s experience Leicester Medical School has been using Patients Know Best since 2014 to teach their students how to conduct online consultations as well as skills such as shared care planning and remote communication. Since 2020, students have been invited to submit reflective essays about their experience of using online tools … Read More

Online portal making a big difference to rheumatology patients

Sally RennisonCase Study

Calls to a helpline run by a Swansea Bay service have fallen dramatically as patients can now find out what they need to know for themselves. The Swansea Bay Patient Portal is a secure online record that allows people to view their blood test results and clinical documents, as well as being able to tap into a library of information … Read More

Improving clinical pathways for Dermatology patients

Steph TewCase Study

It’s making life a lot easier using the messaging functionality in PKB rather than phone calls as it speeds everything up. It has definitely reduced the number of phone calls that we receive and we can respond to an email quicker than a phone call message

The ‘future is bright’ for patients of the Kidney Dietetics Service

Steph TewCase Study

Facilitate self management

26 April 2021 The Kidney Dietetics Service at Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust supports acute renal patients at Hull Royal Infirmary but the service also manages a more extensive cohort of outpatients through its renal satellite clinic. This clinic covers a wide geographical area – from Bridlington, Scunthorpe and Grimsby, with patients even spread out as far as Doncaster, … Read More