Monitoring the safety of ketamine in treatment-resistant depression

Gurpreet SaraiCase Study

Case Study 12 November 2020 by Gurpreet Sarai Ketamine is newly recognised as a rapidly acting antidepressant which works in a different way to conventional antidepressants. The Ketamine Clinic at Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust provides treatment for people with depression who have not responded to other treatments. Here, Ketamine is used either intravenously, intramuscularly or orally.  Although ketamine is … Read More

Putting online consultation at the heart of the teaching curriculum

Lloyd Bettell-HigginsCase Study

Teacher showing students Patients Know Best

University of Leicester’s Medical School is putting online consultation at the heart of its teaching curriculum for first-year medical students – a first for any university in the UK. Since 2014, the University’s Department of Medical Education has been teaching all its first-year students how to hold online consultations using Patients Know Best, the world’s first fully patient-controlled online medical … Read More

Improving quality of life and reducing unplanned admissions

Lloyd Bettell-HigginsCase Study

Emergency care saves lives but preventing the need for emergency care saves even more lives. This is why PKB is teaming up with ‘The Symphony Complex Care Hub’ at South Somerset NHS Trust to help support patients to better manage their long term conditions and lower the level of unplanned admissions taking place in the area. Dr Jo Cummings, clinical … Read More

Visceral Myopathy, a Patient Story from St Marks Hospital

Lloyd Bettell-HigginsCase Study

St Mark’s Hospital patient Jason Murtagh has a condition called Visceral Myopathy, a highly rare chronic disease which means that his gut fails to properly absorb nutrients – indeed the condition is so rare that few gastroenterologists will encounter a case in their careers. Diagnosed in 1988, Jason’s disease involves him being reliant on a line which administers nutrients directly … Read More

Managing complex conditions across geographical boundaries

Lloyd Bettell-HigginsCase Study

The Royal College of Physicians “Personal health records (PHR) – landscape review” report in 2016 highlighted the work of St Mark’s Hospital using Patients Know Best. Acknowledgements This case study was informed by discussions with: > Simon Gabe, Consultant Gastroenterologist, St Mark’s Hospital > Lloyd Humphreys, former Vice President of Business Development, Patients Know Best® (PKB) It is also based on a review of … Read More

Halving HIV clinic times in North Manchester General Hospital

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FeaturedNews 9 October 2020 by Gurpreet Sarai The Regional Infectious Diseases Unit (RIDU) based at North Manchester General Hospital is one of the largest units of its kind anywhere in the UK and offers specialist clinical services to patients across Greater Manchester – and more widely. Digital care for 2000 HIV patients In 2014, the RIDU rolled out Patients Know … Read More

Helping neurologists to improve epilepsy diagnosis in Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals

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Peterborough and Stamford NHS Trust is encouraging the families of children with epilepsy to upload videos of their seizures to Patients Know Best to help with diagnosis. Dr Richard Brown, consultant paediatrician at the trust, said the system was having a significant impact on patient care as it makes it easier for families to share video footage, which is “crucial … Read More

Improving care for Leukaemia patients in Oxford University Hospitals

Lloyd Bettell-HigginsCase Study

Cancer patients in Oxford are benefitting from a medical records system which provides them with more support outside of the clinic and in the community. Professor Anna Schuh, a consultant haematologist at the Oxford Cancer Centre, which is based at the Churchill Hospital in Oxford, began using Patients Know Best, a patient-controlled system in 2015. Professor Schuh is a leading authority on … Read More

The world’s first patient-powered registry for Gaucher’s Disease

Lloyd Bettell-HigginsCase Study

Dutch not-for-profit organisation, Fair Medicine was founded to shine a light upon – and improve the complicated and often opaque process used to develop new pharmaceutical treatments. A system they believe doesn’t work well for the patient – or drug purchasers. Since 2015, Fair Medicine has been working with Patients Know Best to develop a more open model for drug … Read More