Remote monitoring to transition health and care from hospitals to home
Our integration with the remote monitoring system Current Health, offers care teams an immediate insight into their patients’ state of health.
Measuring vital signs
Support hospital discharge, allow more timely and preventative care, and empower patients to take proactive control of their health with Current Health. The wearable devices passively measure a patient’s vital signs from the upper arm, enabling remote physiological monitoring of patients in either their home, hospital or care home.
Current Health integrates with other wireless devices so additional physiological endpoints such as blood glucose, weight and spirometry can also be gathered.
A real-time picture
Data appears in the PKB interface, allowing clinicians and care teams to monitor health data for improved management of chronic conditions, and at-home patient care to reduce hospital admissions and increase cost efficiency.
Patient setup with is easy. The wearable device is secured to the upper arm and the capture of vital signs starts automatically. Data is displayed within the PKB record alongside the patient’s diagnosis information, medication lists, care plans and discharge summaries from all healthcare providers involved in the patient’s care.
Improved outcomes
“By combining Current’s real-time, passive remote patient monitoring with PKB’s patient portal, clinicians will have instant access to a complete picture of a patient’s health, from their respiratory and oxygen saturation rates to their medications and allergies and most recent discharge information, which will allow for improved clinical workflows, reduced hospital readmission and, ultimately, better patient outcomes.”
Christopher McCann, Chief Executive, Current Health

This solution is used at Imperial College Healthcare Trust, where the Frailty Team has supported elderly patients across 12 care homes during the COVID19 pandemic.