Healthcare Professionals

The hub of patient data, offering easy access to vital - and sometimes life-saving information, so you can always be confident you’re providing the best care

Healthcare Professionals

The hub of patient data, offering easy access to vital - and sometimes life-saving information, so you can always be confident you’re providing the best care


"PKB is an innovative solution to put people in control of their medical and care information, creating the basis for truly personalised care."

James Sanderson, Director of Personalised Care, NHS England

"It saves patients coming into hospital and allows us to see when patients flare up, so we can see them within 48 hours rather than generate clinic appointments."

Dr Matt Johnson, Lead Gastroenterology Consultant, Luton and Dunstable Hosptal

We believe the future of healthcare provision is a world where care is centred around patients, by default.

It's where greater access to the most appropriate care and support services is the norm and patients feel empowered to manage their own healthcare. A world where healthcare professionals not only have more time, but access to reliable patient information from all providers at the point of care; everything from lab results, care plans, discharge summaries, diagnosis information and monitoring data, with the ability to engage with patients online, spot early warning signs and intervene before problems escalate. However, that world isn’t confined to the future. It’s the reality now and it’s happening across the world with Patients Know Best. 

Joining up care with PKB is incomparable because it’s truly borderless. This means that a patient receiving care in Wales, for example, could give permission for their clinical team in London, a specialist in Los Angeles or a pharmacist in Lisbon, to access their personal health record and provide quicker, more joined-up care. 

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A complete patient record

Feel more confident making clinical decisions and save time with a complete patient health record. 

Get easy access to lab results, diagnosis information, medication lists, care plans and discharge summaries from all healthcare providers involved in the patient’s care, in real-time.


Current and past data

View up-to-date information about a patient’s current or ongoing conditions, along with any past medical history, live care plans and discharge summaries.

Understand changes that have occurred over time and make more accurate assessments with all the information in front of you.


Monitor online

Provide safe care away from hospital or care settings by monitoring patients (i.e. those with long-term conditions) using symptom tracking and remote monitoring. See the status of their condition in real-time and intervene before problems occur.

Learn more about the impact this is having for patients with inflammatory bowel disease in Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust.


Consult online

Reduce face-to-face appointments with online consultations. Share messages, photos, videos and documents in minutes. 

Learn how reducing the barriers to access led to fewer messages being left and crucially, improvements in patient care at Derriford Hospital.


Create capacity

Reduce appointments by only inviting patients into clinic for physical examinations when necessary, creating capacity to care for patients who most need support.

An estimated 1200 outpatient appointments a year have been saved in Luton and Dunstable University Hospital. Learn more here.


Share for safer care

Easily share patient information such as lab results, prescriptions, care and rehabilitation plans, with everyone involved.

Enable sharing with other providers and across organisational boundaries to broaden the circle of care and ensure individual needs are always met.


Prescribe holistically

Offer patients access to more holistic forms of care, support and treatments with alternative therapies like social prescribing.

You can also signpost support services or provide tailored resources for your patients. Further information about our partnerships and integrations, can be found here.


98% of patients say PKB improved the relationship with their clinical team

100,000 new test results shared every month

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